Pallavi03aHello, I am Pallavi

I am a Florida based food blogger. I  specialize in recipe development (vegan & vegetarian, Indian), food styling & photography. I am available for brand collaboration, recipe development (vegan & vegetarian) food styling & food photography.

I love creating recipes and thinking about them when not actually making them. Even though I am a food lover and am always cooking for my blog or work, I don’t like cooking for day to day meal (making lunch, dinner etc.). I can’t roll out round flatbread or cut things in a straight line. I am fairly well traveled and take inspiration from all the different cuisines I have tasted. The reason behind starting my blog was and still is to inspire people to make more vegetarian food and learn about different cuisines. Through my blog journey of 5 years I have been able to create a community of vegetarian food enthusiasts and bag a few cool gigs like magazine articles, feature in magazines, food photography for print, meet celebrity chefs, guest starring on a food show and above all meet interesting people from the same field who are food lovers. Like most of the bloggers I am a self taught stylist and photographer but I do come from a design background.

On the blog you will find recipes from different parts of the world – these are recipes that I have maybe tried at a restaurant and loved it so much that I had to recreate them at home or recipes that are really popular. My favorite kinds however are the fusion recipes, these are my original recipes where I experiment with Indian food and give them a more modern and contemporary spin. I also make a lot of Indian vegetarian food, these recipes are authentic but broken down into easy steps using ingredients that are available in North America. The whole aim is to make cooking food fun and exciting!

I love interacting with my reader/visitors…YOU – so drop in a comment or a question. Cheers!

You can write to me at: pallavigupta14 [at] gmail [dot] com