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Jamie Oliver’s Vegan Chocolate Pots

Triple Chocolate Cake

A few of you guys asked for the recipe for this cake from my last post. Its a great cake and is perfect for chocolate lovers. Its a BIG cake – so its… Continue reading

Chana Masala & A Collaboration

This post is special in two ways – first I had never made chana masala before and was super excited to make it for the blog and second I collaborated with the very… Continue reading

Brownies a la Mode Popsicle

One more popsicle recipe before the summers are over! This one is a take on an ice cream I like – brownies a la mode. This recipe is a hybrid of brownies a la… Continue reading

Cherry Garcia Popsicle

Cherry Garcia has to be the most famous & liked flavor in ice creams. I like it too. As we go deep into the HEAT of summers in Vancouver {pft…smirks} ……lets just say… Continue reading

Mug Cakes in 5 Flavors – {Vegan & Gluten Free}

Mug cakes have been an internet’s favorite for quiet sometime now.  Personally, I think they are okay as a quick fix for dessert cravings and are definitely convenient and easy to put together. That said,… Continue reading

Chocolate Biscotti {vegan & gluten free}

Off late I’ve been looking for inspirations to make recipes. There is just so much around the internet that I was getting a bit saturating….I needed a new challenge. Recently I’ve been experimenting… Continue reading

Chocolate Fudge Sauce & Chocolate Fudge Sundae

Today’s post is about a chocolate sauce that was a result of overheating a chocolate frosting that I made for lamingtons. In other words a happy accident! My sauce which was runny in… Continue reading

Guinness Brownies

Happy 2014 my dear readers! Wish this year brings in a lot of happiness in your lives. My December was full of travelling, some planned and some impromptu, lots of good food and… Continue reading

Pumpkin Biscotti

More stuff with pumpkin! This time its somewhat more main stream pumpkin recipe – but delicious nonetheless. I didn’t use the regular fall/pumpkin pie spices in this recipe and instead I added some… Continue reading