Cream Popsicle with Fig Sauce

Just a little detour from the salad month,I have been after my mom to share this recipe with me as it is one of my favorite frozen treats. I had to make it… Continue reading

Salad#1 Mint rice salad with fresh coconut milk

Its the beginning of March and it already feels like a 100 degrees in here. Pondicherry is hot and humid starting around this time till pretty much the end of year. I had such a hard time… Continue reading


A very simple recipe from the South of France. A dear friend of mine Luciole came over and shared her family recipe for Ratatouille with me. This is what I call perfect comfort food. It requires… Continue reading

Zucchini Pancakes with Sweet & Spicy Tomato Sauce

An unexpected power cut for the entire day- the same day when I had scheduled for making these pancakes, made it extremely challenging for me to make them and then photograph them before… Continue reading

Chocolate Pots

Just in time for the Valentines day– here’s a super duper easy and quick recipe for a deliciousdessert. It is chocolate custard…you can do other flavors with this recipe but some maybe other day-… Continue reading


I have been meaning to make shakshouka for such a long time now, (a ridiculous 2-3 years or so!) and I was so satisfied with the way this dish turned out in the… Continue reading

Momo with Curry Sauce

I am so excited because soon I am going to be cooking with a few friends and making some fusion food, really looking forward to what comes out of our collaboration. In the… Continue reading

Petite Lemon Cake (Eggless)

A bright and summery eggless cake recipe that tastes delicious with coffee or tea. The sparkly lemon flavor adds a nice tang to the cake, a perfect treat for non-chocoholics. I made these into individual petite cakes but… Continue reading

Flourless Chocolate Cake

Since there is no flour in this cake, it doesn’t rise and is a very rich and dense cake with beautiful chocolate flavor. Pair it with a nice vanilla sauce with some candied… Continue reading

Healthy Asian Salad

I have been craving a noodle salad for some time now and this recipe is a result of pure improvisation. I saw some rice vermicelli at the store the other day and picked… Continue reading