Paneer Tikka

An extremely popular dish from North India, Paneer Tikka is a blend of cottage cheese marinated overnight in yogurt and spices and grilled to perfection the next day along with bright bell peppers and red onions.… Continue reading

Cauliflower Manchurian with BBQ Sauce

A perfect recipe to enjoy with your friends during the game season. This recipe developed as a result of an inspiration to come up with a substitute for chicken wings. All you recently converted vegetarians who miss chicken… Continue reading

Eggless Pierogi

I had pierogies for the first time at a Ukrainian restaurant in New York a few months back. I just love this pan fried potato goodness! Pierogi is a like a dumpling or ravioli and… Continue reading

Paneer Akbari

This is a  long lost recipe that just came to my mind out of the blue leaving me really excited and nostalgic. This recipe belongs to my sister who is 7 years older to me, she plays… Continue reading

Lentil Crepes

This dish is a twist on a traditional snack from India, it was called cheela in my house but I am sure has many different names and ways of preparation from different parts of India.… Continue reading

Chili Tofu Tortillas

This recipe is an inspiration from Vegetarian Bible by Nicola Graimes & Fiona Biggs. What atrracted me the most in this recipe was the combination of flavors because I have mostly imagined and seen tofu with asian flavors- soy… Continue reading

Okra Fritters with Yogurt & Mint Dip

Fritters or more commonly known as pakoras in Indian cuisine are a very common form of a snack- a standard in most of the Indian restaurant, easy and quick in preparation, can be found made in every household back home!… Continue reading


I made dumplings over the weekend and after a few little accidents in the kitchen (burning some utensils and melting a colander) I ate dumplings for dinner as well as for breakfast the following day… Continue reading

Tiramisu Cake

I have been making Tiramisu for a long time now and this time I had to turn it into a birthday cake. I have a classic tiramisu recipe that I have been following for all… Continue reading

Quinoa Salad

These past few weeks have been crazy busy and fun with family visiting, making trips to Miami, going to the amusement parks and eating food from outside. I saw the new Harry Potter ride… Continue reading