Pumpkin Coffee Buns

Roasted Squash and Peas Risotto

Most people know how to make risotto now. Thanks to all the Gordon Ramsey and Jamie Oliver videos on Youtube, it no longer feels intimidating. I have made it a couple of times… Continue reading

Samosa Pocket

Samosa – probably the most popular food from India! Every country that I have visited so far either has samosa or sells some variation of it. Its definitely a big part of snacks… Continue reading

Nectarine Upside Down Cake with Frangipane

Another cake recipe…..this one is a nice tea cake to be enjoyed with fresh berries and some whipped up heavy cream with some tea or coffee on a fall evening. I used ripe… Continue reading

Triple Chocolate Cake

A few of you guys asked for the recipe for this cake from my last post. Its a great cake and is perfect for chocolate lovers. Its a BIG cake – so its… Continue reading

Chana Masala & A Collaboration

This post is special in two ways – first I had never made chana masala before and was super excited to make it for the blog and second I collaborated with the very… Continue reading

Warm Rapini & Potato Salad

I see leaves on the ground in the morning and cool breeze taking over the morning warmth – this could mean one thing, fall is approaching slowly and I love it. This summer… Continue reading

Brownies a la Mode Popsicle

One more popsicle recipe before the summers are over! This one is a take on an ice cream I like – brownies a la mode. This recipe is a hybrid of brownies a la… Continue reading

Fattoush Salad {vegan}

  With the summer at its peak – its being a challenge stepping into the kitchen cooking with heat these days. I want quick meals where I don’t have to spend too much time… Continue reading

One Pot Paneer Makhni

Paneer Makhni is the most beloved dish by every vegetarian in India. Its no surprise that it has gained so much popularity out of India as well. I grew up eating it pretty… Continue reading